Arthur Possing Quartet-Natural Flow

There is plenty of strong and subtle playing, with Possing evincing both lyrical sensitivity and, when needed, a potent yet finely judged sense of rhythmic drive”

Michael Tucker, Jazz Journal (UK)

Copyright: Eric Engel

Natural Flow‘ is Arthur Possing Quartet’s second album. In this new album, as a continuity from their debut release entitled ‘Four Years’, the band explores plenty of innovative and researched compositions and sounds, giving it its unique characteristics. 

For this album, the quartet features the French trumpeter Thomas Mayade (Brussels Jazz Orchestra, David Linx, Electro Deluxe,…), who adds a special and unique colour to the band. 

The band recorded the album in Peter Gabriel’s famous Real World Studios in Box (UK), which are some of the best sounding and most acclaimed studios in the world. They house an array of the finest audio equipment ever made. 

The album will be officially out on 27th August 2021, under Double Moon Records/Challenge Records. 

  • Arthur Possing: piano
  • Pierre Cocq-Amann: saxophones
  • Sebastian “Schlapbe” Flach: double bass, effects
  • Niels Engel: drums
  • Guest: Thomas Mayade: trumpet, flugelhorn

“ses propres compositions (…) sont puissantes. La musique y est fluide, la complicité totale entre les quatres musiciens. (…)

Vraiment beaucoup de bon dans cet album qui fait souvent penser à Brad Mehldau, et c’est une fameuse référence.”

Jean-Claude Vantroyen, Le Soir (BE)

The quartet has played at: Eurojazz Festival (MEX), Leopolis Jazz Fest (UA), Gaume Jazz Festival (BE), Völklinger Hüttenjazz (DE), Like A Jazz Machine Festival (LU), Philharmonie Luxembourg (LU), B Flat Berlin (DE), Sunside Jazz Club (FR), Jazz Station (BE), etc.